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“The next generation master planned community” is well on its way to becoming reality and we’ve made a great deal of progress in the last several months. All major roads around Skye Canyon have been paved and striped and the landscaping along the roads has been completed as well.

Construction on our monument signs are underway and they’ll be completed mid-January. And Eagle Canyon park is scheduled to be finished in time for a March opening. Finally, construction on Skye Canyon Park, Skye Center, and Skye Fitness is fully underway and should be done in time for a March opening also.

A big part of the active lifestyle at Skye Canyon will begin with Skye Center, an 8,142-square-foot mixed-use gathering place which will include a community garden, great room, juice bar, coffee shop, open-air cantina and wine bar. Skye Fitness, a 9,663-square-foot facility, will feature a swimming pool, splash pad, sports field and basketball court.

Both Skye Center and Skye Fitness will reside in Skye Canyon Park and that area will be a central hub for all kinds of events and activities. Learn more about all the amenities here, and we’ll be sure to keep you up to speed on construction progress.