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June 30, 2017

Skye Serves “charity: water”

As part of Global Wellness Day, Saturday June 10th, Skye Canyon residents gathered at Skye Center to learn about and donate to charity: water. Founded in 2006, the nonprofit organization helps to provide access to clean drinking water in rural communities in 24 countries around the globe. Over the last 11 years charity: water, thanks to generous donors, has been able to help provide clean and accessible water to over 7.1 million people.

Not only did Skye Canyon residents learn about the work that charity: water does through video and information provided by our Skye Fitness staff, they also completed the “Water Walk Challenge”. The challenge was to carry 5-gallon jerry cans full of water which gave residents a glimpse of what people around the world endure to find and transport water home daily.

Our generous residents and visitors donated over $332 to help support charity: water and their efforts. After a dollar for dollar match from Skye Canyon, our Skye Serves team is proudly giving charity: water a total donation of $664.