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A reinterpreted version of Skye Canyon’s popular Skye and Stars event is set for World Astronomy Day on Saturday, May 2nd. Re-created as an opportunity for families to continue their love of stargazing, the new “Driveway Edition” encourages residents to have a nighttime picnic from their driveway while participating in the event all together yet apart. The updated concept will also feature a live-streamed virtual guided tour through the night sky led by Keith Caceres, President of the Las Vegas Astronomical Society. Caceres and his team will share live photos from their own powerful telescopes, focus on unique stars and constellations in that night’s sky and provide factoids for all “at home” astronomers.


Saturday, May 2nd, 2020


8:30 pm


Join us via YouTube Live from your driveway!

Virtual Stargazing

To participate in this year’s event, tune in to @SkyeCanyon’s livestream at 8:30 pm to watch and learn about the stars that can be seen above the Las Vegas Valley, with live pictures from the Las Vegas Astronomy Society’s telescope! Get involved in the fun by joining us virtually, following along with the demonstration and locating the stars that are visible from your own driveway.

Las Vegas Astronomical Society

LVAS is a local nonprofit made up of amateur astronomers and was formed to promote astronomy, educate the public, and provide educational outreach to students. For more information, please visit