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Premier Agents Test

What is the theme of Skye Canyon?

How many homes will Skye Canyon approximately consist of at completion of the community?

Skye Canyon hosts a series of wellness events known as _______.

Approximately how many square feet is Skye Fitness?

Who is the developer of Skye Canyon?

Which builders are currently selling homes in Skye Canyon?

Skye Canyon has partnered with Century Link to bring residents a next generation broadband network with speeds up to 1 Gig.

One of the many benefits for Skye Canyon residents is the "Skye Pass" which includes special pricing on Lee Canyon's lift tickets, equipment rentals and ski lessons.

The Phase One neighborhood park in Skye Canyon, Eagle Canyon Park, has the following amenities:

There are many excellent schools close to Skye Canyon including Arbor View High School.

How many acres is Skye Canyon?

Skye Fitness offers which of the following programs?

How many miles is Skye Canyon Park from Mt. Charleston?

The overall project of Skye Canyon will have homes ranging from

Skye Canyon has which of the following?

Skye Canyon Marketplace is home to what 124,000 sq. ft grocery store?

Skye Canyon Park is home to