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In August, 1992, researchers published the groundbreaking results of a 50-year study based on a close-knit community in Roseto, Pennsylvania. Settled by a group of Italian immigrants in 1882, the study tracked the town’s residents from 1935 to 1984. Over the course of the study, researchers found that Roseto residents experienced far less stress and heart disease than the average population. In a follow-up to the study, researchers attributed these physical and mental health benefits to the spirit of cooperation and community in Roseto.

These studies on Roseto — and many studies since — highlight a key facet of happy living: communities help people thrive. Not only can a strong sense of community help reduce stress, it also offers many other key benefits. From fitness opportunities, to access to outdoor recreation, to the chance to build new and lasting friendships, living in a community can be life-changing.

Establish Powerful Friendships

In our social media-oriented world, people need to make an effort to have face-to-face contact with others. In well-designed communities, the available amenities encourage residents to not only take advantage of various conveniences — but also strike up conversations and friendships with others. Dynamic communities like Skye Canyon have central community gathering spaces like the rustic contemporary Skye Center where residents can meet for a cup of coffee at Skye Bistro, or spend time with friends and neighbors on the expansive outdoor patio framed by stunning views of the adjacent Spring Mountains. Fellow dog lovers can enjoy an enclosed dog park where Fido can run free and meet furry friends.

While it’s always nice to enjoy a tranquil and solitary cup of coffee in a community cafe, settings like Skye Center make it incredibly easy to meet new people, have great conversation, and create lifelong friendships.

Engage Children with the Neighborhood

A study published in Health Affairs highlights another benefit to cohesive communities. In the study, which tracked 2,264 children from 1998-2000, researchers found that neighborhoods with high social cohesion fostered better mental health outcomes for adolescents.

Thoughtfully-designed communities like Skye Canyon not only create a cohesive neighborly atmosphere for families, but also encourage kids to engage and socialize with other children. Skye Canyon features several neighborhood parks like Eagle Canyon Park, where kids can enjoy a tot lot, playing field, and splash pad to encourage kids to get outdoors, socialize, and cool down on hot summer days. Just like adults, children can establish lasting friendships with other kids and benefit from the safe, family-oriented atmosphere of a community lifestyle.

Enjoy Fitness Opportunities

Imagine a world where you don’t have to commute a half hour to get to a gym, then pay exorbitant gym membership fees. Chances are, impediments like juggling traffic and busy schedules make it difficult to stick to your fitness plan.

In a community with modern amenities like Skye Fitness, a state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot fitness center, the proximity helps encourage a healthier lifestyle, but the gym itself becomes yet another opportunity to meet up with friends, boost your energy in the morning, or recharge after a day at work. And it’s not just at the fitness center where you can meet your neighbors, community fitness events like hiking adventures, ski trips to nearby Lee Canyon, outdoor yoga classes, and 5K races encourage a fun, active lifestyle for all.

Explore & Appreciate the Great Outdoors

If you find that your motivation and energy increases when you’re enjoying the mountainous terrain, clear desert skies, and incredible scenery near Las Vegas, you’re not alone. In fact, researchers have highlighted the importance of biophilia, which refers to people’s desire to connect with nature in their daily lives.

How can community living connect you with nature? To put it simply, well-designed neighborhoods connect residents to nature through trails, bike paths, and walkways that celebrate the outdoors. At Skye Canyon, this connection to nature is heavily emphasized with careful landscape design. Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy landscaped green spaces, and enjoy living near the picturesque backdrop of the mountains. Participate in outdoor community gatherings on weekends, or allow yourself some well-deserved reflection time on a quiet bike path near your home.

Easy Access to Urban Areas — with a Suburban Feel

Living in a suburban community doesn’t mean that you surrender the interests, activities, and entertainment available in a metropolitan setting. In fact, the most successful communities are built with urban convenience, suburban comfort, and outdoor recreation in mind. This way, residents can enjoy the proximity to the schools, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, and entertainment of a big city — while simultaneously feeling a connection to a close neighborhood and a more natural way of life.

Communities like Skye Canyon, while boasting an array of neighborhood-oriented amenities, are designed to offer quick access to one of the most iconic cities in the United States: Las Vegas. With an ideal location between the city lights of Vegas and the natural splendor of Mt. Charleston, you can enjoy the best of both worlds— knowing that your tranquil community lifestyle awaits you at home.

Expand Volunteerism Efforts

The science is clear: volunteerism has massive benefits for our health, well-being, and happiness. Aside from the myriad benefits, volunteering offers the chance for individuals to change lives and make a much-needed difference in the world. When you live in a conscientious community, you’re likely to benefit from coordinated volunteer efforts that you, your family, or your children can easily join. Skye Canyon encourages and empowers residents to contribute their time and efforts to volunteer opportunities that matter. Residents can join local clean-up efforts to keep the natural environment pristine, support local non-profit organizations, and strike up new relationships while doing good in the world. When communities serve together, they can make an incredibly powerful impact  — all while reaping all the positive health and well-being benefits of volunteerism.

The Planned Community at Skye Canyon

Close-knit communities can improve our well-being, foster lifelong friendships, help us strike a balance between urban and natural settings, and expand our efforts to serve and connect.

At Skye Canyon, we’re revolutionizing planned community living. If you’re interested in learning more about how Skye Canyon embraces the benefits of a community lifestyle for all of its residents, please contact us today.